I currently teach Management of Organizations (PA5011), Organizational Perspectives on Global Development (PA5151), and PhD Research Seminar in Management (PA8106).

Syllabi for Courses
Management of Organizations (PA 5011)
Organizational Perspectives on Global Development (PA 5151)
PhD Research Seminar in Management (PA 8106)

Philosophy of Teaching
My approach to teaching is the result of my own diverse experiences in front of a classroom, but is also heavily influenced by the outstanding teaching and advising moments I have been fortunate to receive as a student. My teaching philosophy is comprised of three basic tenets. First, multiple levels of analysis are essential for explaining any topic, encouraging students to think broadly and critically about each situation they encounter. Second, learning and meaningful discussion should be grounded in first-hand experience, concrete examples, and activities. Third, teaching should attend to diverse learning styles and create opportunities for individualized learning. Finally, I bring considerations of ethics and diversity into all of my teaching. Having worked in industry for a decade before entering the academy, I have a deep appreciation for the value that conceptual thinking and a broader perspective can offer in solving detailed problems, seeing both the forest and the trees. To this end, I feel it is important to design and implement courses that assist students to think about problems from multiple levels of analysis. Through this multi-faceted approach, I ensure that students have ample opportunities to hone their skills in critically analyzing and interpreting data, and in developing coherent, fact-based arguments.